“…then I met James and started doing boot camps and it wasn’t long before I realized this was the person I needed to help me rebuild my stamina through a transformation of my body. He helped assess my physical condition and helped me set 1st year goals for reshaping my body, regaining my strength, complimenting my diet with the fine tuning of boot camp exercise and weight lifting, while the whole time being a mentor for what I can achieve along the way. I set a goal of getting down to 12% body fat by June of 2019 and it is 6 months in and I have lost 40lbs and started building proportionate muscle using his guidance. The best thing is my energy, stamina and attitude to get up and embrace life, has skyrocketed. I trust his guidance and will continue my journey with him, who knows where it will take me………. I know, to a place where I look, feel and demonstrate that diet and exercise with the guidance of a knowledgeable coach can make the difference between living and loving life.”

~ Pat (67)

“I’ve been working with James for just over two months, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. My program has been interesting, effective and enjoyable! I look forward to more results in the near term. “

~ Laurena (48)

“James is a talented fitness instructor who is a master at motivation.  He makes exercise fun.  He knows how to make each participant feel positive about their level of fitness. Within a few short weeks of starting his class, I had more energy than usual.  When I began attending twice a week, I noticed how much stronger I felt and that after fitness class, I had even more energy to tackle house or garden chores. Love James’ classes.”

~ Margie (65+)

“I have to say a huge thanks to James and his wife Chèreen for all the help and coaching they did with me.”

~ Marc (55)

“I have worked with personal trainers before and the results have been less than satisfying… with James, even when doing the simple meet and greet, he is helping you. James guides you whether your goals are to lift mountains or look like a Spartan.”

~ Michael (22)