My Story

My name is James Chicalo and I am a professional motivator, International Sports Sciences Association (I.S.S.A.) Certified Fitness Trainer, and lifestyle coach. I will help you realize your health and fitness goals. I design a wide variety of fitness programs from basic to advanced. I am certified in both Fitness Nutrition from I.S.S.A. and Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and can offer diet and health advice.

I am a board member of the Okanagan Health Forum (OHF) which was organized in 2005 to provide cutting edge research in lifestyle medicine to health care professionals, allied health professionals, complementary health care practitioners, educators and the general public. It was designed to bring internationally acclaimed authorities on health and wellness to inspire and motivate our residents to make choices that support exceptional health and well being. Some of the ‘rock stars’ the OHF have brought to town include; T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., Neal Barnard, Hans Diehl and Brenda Davis.

I am also a volunteer facilitator of the world-renowned Complete Health Improvement Program, (C.H.I.P.) that helps people regain their health and wellness through education.

I believe we all want to achieve better health and wellness. It is hard to stay motivated and accountable. I will be your motivator. I will hold you accountable and together we will reach your fitness goals. What do you want to accomplish? 

You can be what you will to be!

RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED. They are simply a matter of time and persistence. If you give me your total commitment I will guarantee you reach your realistic goals.